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“The most important part of the success of Network was the training directed by Cherie Clark. Starting as one-week long, it grew to two and finally five weeks and was as intense as it was long. The participants were all officers who volunteered for it. They were divided into teams and stayed at the training site except for weekends. They came to know each other in unprecedented depth in order to be prepared for the demanding nature of the work. Racism, macho problems, difficulties with authorities, substance abuse—all went under the lights for review. At graduations, people were weeping. Wives said things like “Thank you all for giving me a brand-new, wonderful husband!” Even today, staff will go out of their way to talk with me about how much they still appreciate those wonderful, life-giving training weeks. ... (read on)

-From Prison Transformations: The System, the Prisoners, and Me  

by Stephen Chinlund 

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